Reusable Cotton Masks with Filter Space



Please read ' Description ' below for sizes and for more information.


I am doing my part to help you do yours.. 

Due to this strange situation… I started to make 100% cotton face masks … cloth masks and they turned out quite nice and comfortable…easy to breath and talk and they also look stylish and modern. And they are Handmade by me.. (beside personalised frames)

Please note :  I make them for your order, so it may take some time (5-7 working days) to sew them depending of the volume of the orders… Once they are done, I will post them to you by AnPost.  Many Thanks 🙂

These masks have their too ends open for you to put extra layer in between.. If you are looking for 2 layer masks please go to Two Layer Reusable masks   or  Kids Masks

SIZES (snug fit) (see gallery pictures for sizes -rulers shows the width)

Medium is for teenagers to average women
(adjusting the elastic right  – will make a big difference)

Large is for adults (both women and men).
If you require bigger mask the average please let me know …

Elastics can be tied ( or left open ) – as we have different sizes…you will need to tie the knot* – what’s comfortable for you -Once it tied you may hide it in the seam.
You can also Use shoelace / ties to use these mask. (please see picture – shoelace isn’t included)

* When tying your elastic ..tie a knot right near the end, this is where it should be placed.
This will be the most usual, comfortable fit for all. If it’s too loose, then you can re-adjust and bring the knot in to shorten the elastic creating a more snug/tighter fit. You can then hide the knot in the seam.
If this still isn’t comfortable it’s possible you need a longer elastic (tie, shoelace etc.) and this can be changed easily.


Are you looking for a comfortable, modern mask that will not pollute our environment?

I selected good quality, 100% cotton fabric material to make the reusable face mask comfortable and nice…

Wearing a face mask will be most effective when you combine it with good hygiene practices. That means if possible wash your hands regularly with soap and water or when you are out and about at the shop or other essential places use hand sanitiser.

They are not medical grade or surgical masks. They are simply :

  • Two-layered, 100% cotton face masks (inside and out)
  • Two sides left open to insert filter, tissue…
  • Straps are black or white elastics
  • Nose Wire can be added for extra comfort (no more fogging glasses)
  • Washable
  • Reusable Cotton Mask – Eco friendly
  • They are very comfortable to wear / breath/ talk
  • Comes in 3 sizes (small, medium and large)



Hands should be washed with soap & water or use hand sanitiser before putting on your mask. It should be put on carefully and placed over the nose and mouth. Tie the elastics, so it fits you comfortably, hide knots in the seam part.. 

Washing – Ironing – Reusing

Hand wash or Machine wash with your regular load with similar colours to avoid colour run / colour bleed….In machines please use washing machine bag / net /pillow case etc. (You may notice some colour run on the white -inside layer that’s normal due to my steam ironing..)

After washing it make sure to flatten it /shape it with your hand. 

Air Dry / Iron dry only. I recommend ironing the mask (the inside layer (white) is enough). Ironing will give its shape back, it will be nice and crisp. Elastics can be replaced / 1 full tie can be used etc.

Please note – these masks are for short term daily use..

Stay Safe & Take Care, Andrea 

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Reusable Cotton Face Masks, Reusable Cotton Face Masks 2layers

Additional information


Medium, Large


Grey, Sage, Pastel Birds, Mustard, Wild Berry, Navy Stripe, Pink Roses, Ditsy Flowers, Stars, Turquoise Stripes, Black

Nose Wire

Yes, No

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