Bailey Black Feather Teething Necklace


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Black Feather Teething Feeding Necklace

Is your baby like to grab on things while they are being carried? Does he or she grasp during nursing/ feeding?

The Silicone Teething Necklace is designed to be worn by moms keeping babies hands busy, helping to stimulate senses and soothe sore gums.

Apart from teething,  you can wear this Feather Teething Necklace while breastfeeding / bottle feeding. It’s a stylish jewellery…
  • Safe, non-toxic, BPA free silicon beads.  Wooden beads are natural (untreated wood)
  • easily cleaned with soapy water (please it wash before use)
  • easy to put on and take off
  • breakaway clasp for added safety

The silicone teething necklace offers mums a way of soothing their teething baby while still looking fabulous & stylish. They make great additions to any wardrobes.

They make lovely New Baby Gifts for Mommy and baby. 

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Some necklace contains silicon beads and wooden beads.. some only contains silicon beads. These silicon beads are food grade silicons. Teething necklace. Silicon Teether. BPA free. Chunky colourful necklace, jewellery. Breastfeeding Necklace, Teething, Teether, New baby gift

All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.Actual product may vary due to availability. (Beads might have different textures but the colour scheme or the number / sizes of beads are the same.

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